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Guess the secret code using your logic and memory! Logic puzzle with over 1.5 million downloads, a modern version of the classic guessing game of Bulls and Cows.

Similar to classics such as Mastermind, Jotto or Crack the Code, it is played with numbers instead of colors.

An easy yet challenging brain-training game in the style of logic thinking made popular by Sudoku, it will exercise your brain and logic and improve your deductive reasoning if played daily.

How to play:

Try to guess the secret code for the "vault" in as few attempts as possible. The code has only unique digits.

For each attempt entered, the computer gives out some clues:

* blue squares, one for each digit that belongs to the code, but was placed on a wrong position
* red squares, one for each digit that was guessed on the correct position
* if no square was lit, it means that none of the digits you entered belongs to the secret code (not even on the wrong position)

There is no connection between locations of the blue/red squares and the locations of the secret digits - that's the challenge, you'll need to guess not only the digits but also their correct locations.

Get to work now: try different versions, narrow down the combinations, eliminate the wrong digits and use logic and deduction to swap around and find the right ones.

Stuck? Use Hints to learn one of the digits composing the secret code!

* Log in to Game Center and see if you can beat the best score of the day!


Versión 3.3.1

fixes the issue with the "ask for review" popup

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.1 de 5

64 valoraciones
64 valoraciones

Changes have made this worse


This WAS my favorite time killing game app. Changes have just about made me delete. I don't play but 10% of what I used to. Ads have taken over the screen and the color changes and animation are terrible. Used to be green & black boxes. Green was good... Now red and blue with Red correct? May need to revisit the red pen principle. Boxes aren't even on one line anymore. New updates lack any true feel in the game, may as well be a check out register. So disappointed in the game developer... Sold out to ads with crappy updates and even worse attempted improvements.



I like the game, and I'm not usually one to bash apps for having ads (they have to make money some way!), but this app has pop ups in the middle of the game that are extremely annoying. Like I'll be trying to focus and in the middle of pressing the numbers when an ad pops up and I can't avoid tapping the ad, which directs to other pages. It disrupts my game, which isn't really fun enough to make up for this frustration.

Great game!


One review mention ads ... I haven't seen any.
My one suggested improvement would be to provide an area for keeping notes about various combinations identified or eliminated. I have to use paper, or keep switching to the Notes app.


Cognitive Bits Software srl
3.1 MB
Requiere iOS 5.1 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.
Clasificación 4+
© 2009 Alex Brie
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  3. 200 PackO'Hints $6.99


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