Wallet is the simplest and easiest way to secure and keep track of your most sensitive information. Think of Wallet as your personal, flexible database, where you can store passwords, credit card details, app license keys, and more.

In addition to passwords, Wallet's flexibility allows you to create custom groups to organize any kind of data you want. You can even attach and encrypt files from your Mac to individual entries in Wallet.

• Military-Grade Security

When you keep your most precious information in one place, it's important to have strong security protecting it. Wallet utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to lock and secure your database - the de facto standard in encryption technology.

In addition, Wallet can automatically lock itself when it's inactive or when your Mac goes to sleep, clear the clipboard after use, or even tell you if anyone else has been snooping around with the Access Log.

• Touch ID

Now you can easily unlock Wallet using just your fingerprint, with support for Touch ID on the MacBook Pro.

• Sync Everywhere

Wallet features seamless optional cloud syncing, meaning you'll always be up to date no matter where you are. You can keep multiple devices in sync using your Dropbox account or a WebDAV server.

Best of all, your synced database acts as a secure, remote backup. If something happens to your computer (or you want to set up Wallet on another computer), it makes for a quick and easy recovery.

• Browser Extensions

Access Wallet directly from your browser. Wallet's browser extensions let you AutoFill forms on any web page using your Wallet data. You can also save new passwords directly to Wallet. Just click the Wallet toolbar button in Safari or Google Chrome, type in your Wallet password, and you're ready to log in.

• Wallet for iPhone and iPad

Take your most important information with you on the go. Wallet for iOS (sold separately on the iOS App Store) lets you access your entire Wallet database anywhere you are. By syncing with your Mac over the air or using your Wi-Fi network, your information is always up-to-date and ready to go.

If you have a Dropbox account, syncing is even easier. Just tap the sync button anywhere you are, and Wallet seamlessly updates your information over the air using cellular or Wi-Fi.

What's New

Version 3.5

– Unlock Wallet using Touch ID on the MacBook Pro
– Fixes Dropbox account linking issues
– Fixes certain crashing issues when browser extensions enabled
– Wi-Fi sync improvements

Ratings and Reviews

3.7 out of 5

9 Ratings

9 Ratings

I never left.


I kept thinking I would leave Wallet but anytime I would try a trial of another password app or try to migrate my passwords, I would come back to my Wallet.
I’ve always loved the simplicity and Apple/Mac’iness of its look.
I was bummed when it was rumored that the developer had moved on to other things but it kept working and kept working and kept working.
I use Wallet on my computer 99% of the time.
I’ve synced it with Wallet for iOS on my iPhone a few different ways but I like the manual/one-time/local route of WiFi Syncing so that’s what I default to.
I bought this again today through the App Store because I wanted to support the developer and write this review.

I tried going with another app, but came back to Wallet quickly


Just want to add my view on Wallet. I have had the iOS app for many years. I just recently bought the desktop app as I wanted to export the database to CSV. I have loved the iOS app and was surprised when it was no longer being updated. I received a message about not being able to continue working on the app. I understand that programmers are people too. There are big house developers and there are developers that do most of their own stuff and don’t have the “big money” backing and sometimes in this life, we have to choose supporting ourselves and if you were offered a job with a big company, tell me you wouldn’t go… For the guy complaining that the programmer left: Again, I don’t think he has major financial backing and I can understand not being able to continue the work. It IS A LOT of work. The truth is that he came back. I stuck with Wallet iOS even after there was no support. I started to move to another software… Tried out many, and yes there are fancy ones out there, but none of them measured up to how I was used to using Wallet. So, I dug in and decided to use the app as long as I could get it to work and it did work. I sent the developer a message asking how to convert the database so that I coulde move it to another app and although the iOS version didn’t support it, he gave me some instructions. I followed the instructions, but I was never happy with any other app.I was about to give up and for some reason tried to update Wallet one last time and to my surprise, IT UPDATED!!! After a couple of messages back and forth, he did explain to me that Wallet desktop has the export feature to CSV and Tab Delimited Text. If the app is no longer supported, this can be used to convert the database. Companies come and go sometimes and the app world is no different. I can’t blame him for choosing the best method to support himself. I can’t speak for others, but he has always responded to me when messaging him and he has always been respectful. Again, to the guy complaining, I’m guessing you probably weren’t respectful and was dished back what you gave out. You can’t EXPECT anyone to stay in a job their entire life. If they choose to, great. How many times have you changed your job??? Anyway, I am glad that he is back and supporting his apps and I will continue using them until I no longer can. Give respect/getrespect

Loved it, now I hate it


This is abandonware. There are critical bugs in the app, I've contacted them multiple times and they refuse to respond in any way to help me solve the problem. I used to like this app but its barely functional these days. When I go to insert a password into a form with the plugin, about 1/2 the time it will refuse to insert the username/password, forcing me to cancel and open Wallet and copy and paste manually from the application to insert the password. Pretty clunky and annoying. I don't even bother trying auto insert from my browser any more because its so unreliable, completely defeating the point of having a browser plugin. Why use Wallet when there are other options that work every time?

It's also missing the feature to ignore certain domains which is really annoying, I've asked multiple times how to do this with no response at all, not even a courtesy response from support. I really LIKED it due to its simplicity, but since they won't answer my bug reports I figured the only way to show my displeasure was by writing a review. Hopefully they read this: STOP IGNORING YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS! There are plenty of other options out there, I hope this review convinces a few people to NOT pay you, and instead spend their money with a company who pays attention to its users.

I've used this program for years and it used to be great, now there are other better options with more features, better support, and less CRITICAL bugs that ruin the functionality.


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