WARHAMMER 40,000: ASSAULT DICE is the officially licensed Games Workshop® dice roller for use with Warhammer 40,000®. Custom made to simulate the unique mechanics of the game, ASSAULT DICE captures the hands-on feel of using physical dice. Rapidly add, subtract, or “set aside” dice instantly without slowing down your game.

ASSAULT DICE also features a dedicated Scatter Die roller to aid you in pounding your enemy to dust with artillery or psychic powers. The ASSAULT DICE Scatter Die includes an on-screen alignment ruler, allowing super-accurate precision when measuring distance with a tape measure or straight edge. No more debates over Scatter Die result discrepancies!

A must have for any serious Warhammer 40,000 player or ANY gamer that needs an easy-to-use, powerful, intuitive dice roller!


• AMAZING DICE: Gorgeous, realistic looking 3D dice in a variety of colors and textures
• ROLL 200 DICE PER PANE: Your Assault Phase just got faster by adding up to 200 dice per pane (Dice caps on older devices)
• RE-ROLL DICE: Choose specific dice or whole values (e.g.: all 1's and 2's) and re-roll just those dice. Twin-linked lascannons, anyone?
• ACCURATE PHYSICS: Top-notch physics, allowing natural rolls with quick resolutions (no more cocked dice!)
• DEDICATED SCATTER DIE PANEL: Misplaced your Scatter Die? One touch takes you to the Scatter Die Panel with built-in Scatter and Distance dice
• SCATTER DIE RULER: Generates a line in the exact orientation as your Scatter Die’s arrow, providing accurate results and reducing errors and cheating
• INSTANT RESULTS: Instantly know what you rolled at a glance (“How many 3’s did I roll?”)
• QUICK DICE CULLING: You know you need "4's" to Hit. Touch a single button to keep all "4's, 5's, and 6's" on the table. Roll again for Wounds. Rapidly move through the Hit, Wound, and Save sequence
• DICE SELECTION: Tap a die to select or tap the value in the Enumerator to select all dice of that value (for example, select all "1's")
• DICE CUP: Mimics separating the dice you need at the moment, but keeping the rest available to use
• DICE TALLIES: Know at a glance the number of dice on the table, total successes, and dice inside the “Dice Cup”
• CUSTOMIZABLE: Customize with unique panels for every unit in your army. Browse and choose wallpapers, dice colors and textures. Add titles and notes so you can prep your armies ahead of time
• MULTIPLE DICE PANELS: Add up to 30 dice panels with 200 dice apiece to support every unit in your army (that's for a total of 6,201 dice!). Navigate panes with a swipe or touch of a button
• ROLLING METHODS: Roll dice by using the Roll Button, double-tap the dice, shaking the device or any combination

***NOTE: Optimized for iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2, iPod (6th generation) and newer. Requires iOS 8.1 or higher for full features. Older generation devices have reduced dice capacity per pane, with option to disable this feature.***

What's New

Version 1.2.12

****(BUILD 1.2.12) Massive update including add DOZENS of dice per pane, instant re-rolling of specific dice, tuned selection, older device support and more!***

- Add up to 200 dice per dice pane on newer generation devices!
(NOTE: Older generation devices have lower dice caps per pane; new setting allows these devices to disable this limit)
- Re-Roll selected dice (e.g.: Select "1's" and re-roll those dice)
- Expand Compatibility to all iOS 8.1+ devices
- Touch and Hold the Enumerator to select dice of the given value (e.g.: Select all "2's")
- Touch and Hold a die to select/deselect all dice
- Rate of Fire for adding more than 1 die per Add Die Button press – incremental, 1, 5 or 10
- Rate of Fire for adding from dice cup (same as above)
- Update Selection Highlight style
- Add device type detection to control max dice per bed
- Optimized dice mesh
- Optimized application settings
- Optimized texture memory utilization
- Optimized Player Quality by device
- Hold down the Add Dice button to continuously add dice to the pane
- Tuned Double-Tap timings
- Max Dice per Pane notice on the dice bed via Dice Cap "button"
- Updated Animation and Settling routines for dice management
- UI refinement to introduce new elements
- Added loading screen
- Added "Pane ID" to show which pane you're currently on
- Increased Dice Pane total to 31 (1 scatter, 30 standard)
- Revised rolling technique to use RigidBody physics for roll events – no transform assists

Ratings and Reviews

3.6 out of 5
21 Ratings
21 Ratings

Amazing substitute for piles of dice!

This app was clearly designed by 40k players because you can easily sort through and reroll dice by certain results. Rolling to hit on 3+? Roll, then tap one button to get rid of 1s and 2s, and look at the displayed number of dice left. If you're rolling 20, 30, 100+ dice it's just as easy. Twin linked? Select all those 1s and 2s and reroll just them, then repeat the first step. Very easy.

My only complaint is that it's too simple in a way that doesn't solve normal dice problems like Melta penetration. I would love to roll to hit, and then easily pick which dice to then have a unique pair of dice that stay together when rolled, to easily do all Melta penetration rolls at the same time.


Almost perfect

When re- rolling certain numbers, the dice will hit the original numbers on the board and change them. Not good. For example if I roll 20 dice, and I roll five 1s, and I get to reroll those, I will re-roll them and when they hit the board they will hit the other dice that are two and above and change their original numbers.

How to reroll? Push and hold on the dice number that you want to reroll! It will select them all. When they are selected tap on the cup, and it will put those dice in the cup. Then you double tap the cup and it rolls. If you get to roll 1s & 2s just hit a three at the top and it will put all ones and twos in the cup. Double tap cup and there you go. Changing their original numbers is unacceptable

Capt Nero

Nice app

I love this app. However, so many times and so many rules allow for re-rolling 1s and while you can manually do that, your reroll can affect your current roll if the dice hit each other. There was an app that was made specifically for 40k called Waaagh dice that had buttons for rerolling 1s or rerolling all misses so I hope they fix this in the future.

Also, there is no quick reset button without going through the settings and resetting the whole app. This makes you lose all the dice options you had previously. Very annoying.

It’s a great app to save time when you are rolling a ton of dice. But I don’t think it’s good enough to replace the dice altogether.


Lifeform Entertainment, LLC
260.6 MB
Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
© Lifeform Entertainment, LLC


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