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WersDa is making shopping easier and right now in TWO fantastic ways, Best of all, NO ADS, nothing to sign up for, no email log in, and no passwords.


FIRST - We are working on making your wandering days a thing of the past. Right now if you are in Winston Salem NC, you’ll see a local mall available for navigation on your app. Locations are GPS based so depending on where you live you may not have any locations highlighted. More locations are always in the works.

Wandering is a terrible, needless epidemic when we have the cure right here with our new interactive smart phone maps. We're not talking about the static, zoomable PDF or .png image maps. No, no, no. Ours is a dynamic, searchable map with categories and real time path finding from any point A to any point B, upstairs, downstairs, wherever. REALLY! We’ll walk you from where you are to where you want to be. No more wandering asking yourself, “WersDa Pac Sun Store?” or “WersDa Bath and Body store?” Type it in and we’ll show you! We can even do it right down to the product on a shelf. SERIOUSLY! No more asking, “WersDa peanut butter?” or “WersDa light bulbs?” or "WersDa Mens Department?" at your favorite local store's.

Ladies, now you can really target you’re shopping to maximize your time efficiently and cover more space, more sales, in less time and like you are always telling the man in your life, “save more money!”

And guys this is so cool it’s almost like a video game. (Sorry no Zombies) The best part is you don’t need to stop and ask for directions. You can pull up the map and nobody will be the wiser that you are totally lost. (Temporarily)

SECOND - WersDa in still wrangling those dangling plastic loyalty and rewards cards on your key chain into a convenient digital form.

We're making you look good. "How's that!" you say? Well, when you're holding up the line at the store digging in your purse or thumbing through your wallet mumbling, "WersDa ring of cards?" all the while your kids are whining, and the cashier is rolling her eyes at you in front of all those people in line.

We can solve that!

Better yet, you never find the ring of cards and you have to tell a complete stranger your phone number. You know the guy standing behind you in line, the one that smells like stale cigarettes and moth balls, swaying back and forth like Rain Man and mumbling to himself; he's remembering your phone number so he can call you at two in the morning to ask if you like the peanut butter you bought?

Whoa! We can help you avoid that for sure!

And guys, no embarrassing bulges from wads of cards in your pocket or wallet. Also, medical studies have shown that sitting on a thick wallet is bad for your back because it tilts your hips and that will irritate your spine. So, it’s entirely possible we would save you money on chiropractor bills and possible back surgery in your old age.

*(Disclaimer: We are not doctors and do not play one on TV. We just heard about that wallet thing and your back, so check it out yourself.)


"This app is too cool. I used it at the local Sheetz tonight to buy my son a slushy and I felt like James Bond with a new gadget. The cashier was pretty impressed too."
(Okay, I confess that was me, but I swear it's true.)

“I was stuck in the mall for hours with no help. Until someone took pity on me and told me about WersDa. I found the store I was looking for, bought my wife’s anniversary present and I was on my way in minutes”

Give us try, check out the website too and read more about us at Wersda.com, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Thanks from Team WersDa.

(Disclaimer*Optical Scanners work best for card reading off smart phones. Laser Scanners are not as compatible. We are working diligently to optimize performance and mitigate misreads.)

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Version 1.12

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Was completely happy with storing my RewardsCards on here. Haven't use in a little while and tried it today, it just flashes on screen and looks like it will open, says it has my cards stored and then sends me back to the app button, can't load my cards. I have even deleted the app a few times and reloaded, still doesn't work. Any new updates coming that might help???

Awesome app, incredible potential!


This app is fantastic! I recently acquired it to store all my rewards cards instead of fattening my wallet! It's very reliable and I noticed that in the maps section, it has the potential to guide you through any supermarket to get in and get out! I'm very excited for the full version as I will definitely use this to guide me through the endless rows at giant whole foods 😄

Crashes every time


I've been using Wersda for a while, but never set up an online account. Today I got a new phone and wanted to sync all my rewards cards so I set up an account. After doing so, the app crashes every time and cannot be used - on both my old phone and new. Further, attempting to log in on their website produces a redirect loop that causes both Chrome and Safari to be unable to display the page. So either Wersda is having a pretty serious issue or they've gone scammy. If you're already using this, don't create an account.


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Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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