Whitepages is the most trusted way to find people and get contact information, including reverse phone lookup, Caller ID and business Yellow Pages listings. More than 50 million people per month use our people search, reverse phone lookup and background check reports to find people, get phone numbers and addresses, and to verify identities and public record information.

With the Whitepages app you can:
* Find people and get contact information with ease
* Identify unknown and spam callers in seconds with our Caller Id by simply searching a phone number
* Find who lives at an address with reverse address search
* Find who owns an unfamiliar or suspicious email address and if you can trust it with reverse email search
* Find businesses including stores and restaurants with Yellow Pages search
* Get background check reports, including criminal records, public records and more on Whitepages Premium

Just some of the ways people use the Whitepages App:
* Identify unknown callers & spam calls with reverse phone lookup and Caller ID
* Get contact information for anyone you want to get in touch with
* Use our Yellow Pages to get a business phone number, driving directions and business hours
* See who lives in the houses or apartments around you with reverse address lookup
* Get information on property you are interested in, including who owns it
* Verify someone’s identity and who they say they are with our web background check reports that include criminal history, public records and property info

About Whitepages Premium Membership subscriptions:
* The Whitepages app is free to use for basic contact information, including landline phone numbers and business information.
* With a Whitepages Premium membership, you can access premium contact information, including mobile phone numbers.
* Membership subscriptions available is 20 lookups per month.
* You can manage your subscription after purchase, including cancellations, in Account Settings. Your membership is for use on your iOS device only.
* Your membership subscriptions automatically renews unless you cancel at least 24-hours before the next billing date. If you cancel during a billing period, you will have access until the next billing cycle and no partial month refunds are given.
* The first month of your membership subscription is charged to your iTunes account when you Confirm Purchase.

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What's New

Version 3.1.2

The all-new design makes it way easier to do everything on Whitepages, including finding people and businesses, identifying unknown callers and spam calls, and looking up addresses.

This release includes bug fixes and enhancements from customer feedback.

Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5

7.2K Ratings

7.2K Ratings

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


The app was great the way it was. My lame iPhone did automatic updates and installed this latest version. I wish I could undo the update. The latest version took the simplicity and versatility away and replaced it with a very limited version.
The original version, or just prior to the latest update, had four categories which enabled you to search for a residential listing, business listing, a reverse phone number search, and a reverse address search. The business listing gave you the option to search by a list which sorted by proximity, or you could view a map that used location services to show what was closest to your position. You could easily expand the distance to look beyond your locality. The reverse phone number and address enabled you to find a a person, business or place, that you may only have some, but not all of the information.
Everything worked great. And now, not so much. Confusing, limiting, not user friendly. Maybe there’s a learning curve, but like I started with, if it’s no broke, don’t fix it!



I have never left a review of an app before. I have used Whitepages for years and had no problems with it. I have to let the developers or whoever designed this version that it is the worst, definitely not improved. Along with others, I would appreciate having a choice to have the previous version back. This really is not helpful anymore. It might be if I let it access my location, but I don't do that. I was able to find a number I needed, without before. It would give me a choice of People or Business, whichever I was looking for. Now, the whole USA?! Lousy update! Listen to your users and bring back the previous version. I will be watching for an update, with an apology to previous users, to go back to the previous version. That version, from the other reviews I've read, was the best and no one had issues with. Thank you for hopefully listening, understanding and hopefully returning this app to the great app that it was.

I used to love it


Responding to your response. Graphics HORRIBLE now. Why would you remove graphics? A business or personal name search used to provide a LIST of what is found from closest to my current location to next closest, all the way to long distances. Now only get current city and if not found comes back not found. You must give actual city where the business is or can’t find, and doesn’t provide any additional outside that city. This has really gone down hill

My 2 suggestions, return old graphics, including vehicle pic to ask for driving directions. and search results like they were. (described above). Your response acted like nothing has changed. I have 4 friends complaining about same. They used to love but can’t stand it now. One friend has not upgraded to keep graphics but her search results as bad as rest of us now. You took good app and ruined it. Whoever responsible should be fired. Pass this last comment to top executive

You ruined it with the update before this latest update. Don't know if diff database or different programming, but only so so now. It's hit and miss now, ugly graphics and unfriendly getting to driving directions.

Updates should improve an app. These last updates pretty much destroyed what had been an excellent app.

Thanks for a great app.


17.8 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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  1. WhitePages Paid Search $1.99
  2. Unlimited Paid Search (30 days) $3.99
  3. Whitepages Monthly $4.99


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