Follow the memorable word story together with Emma! Help her to renovate her Grandpa’s beautiful old mansion. You design the interior and exterior of the house by fixing what’s already there, choosing various objects, and so much more.

In order for the story to progress, you will need to solve crossword puzzles. Beat and complete these crossword levels to unlock new chapters in the story, new rooms to renovate and a few hidden mysteries left from her Grandpa!

Adventures are around every turn, including a little bit of romance.

The game features all sorts of excitement:
• A new type of word genre: Solve word puzzles to help Emma renovate the old mansion.
• Interior design: Create your dream house, you decide how it will look!
• Exciting crosswords: This game really needs a true word puzzle master, are you the one?
• Fun characters: Meet Pizza David, Handyman Bob and more. Is it possibly some romance going on between Emma and David…
• A cute pet: Meet the cute dog Max and see what adventures he brings.

The old mansion is in desperate need of a makeover. Emma can’t do it alone. You can show off your decorating skills by choosing various components for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, and more. Maximize the fun by being in control of all of the design decisions. You’ll get to pick and choose many of the new items that go into the house, ensuring that you have a say on the final appearance.

As soon as you solve your first crossword puzzle, you are on your way helping Emma fix up the old mansion and make it to your dream house!

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Version 1.1.2

Welcome to yet another great update of Wordington!

- We've improved the performance and loading times.
- Bug fixes.

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4.8 av 5
1.3 tn betyg

1.3 tn betyg

54rea ,

Finally a word game with a story!

2nd Update: Now the game crashes constantly and,of course, there is no way in the game to contact the developers within the game. Also, the number of games you have to play to do a task seems excessive - 6 games to do one thing is a lot. knocking off some stars until the crashes are fixed. Too bad, this could have been a great game but if nothing changes I may have to delete it.

Update: How does the game determine if a bonus word is accepted? There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes the game accepts an odd word and other times it will not accept a common word like treat. What gives. It would also be helpful to have a place to see what bonus words have already been accepted. Finally, why is there no link to customer service within the game. I would pay for no ads but since other reviews have mentioned paying and still getting ads, I don’t want to pay and then have no way to contact customer support if there is a problem. Had to knock off a star in my rating for these reasons.

I am loving this game so far. It is about time that someone came up with a word game that has a story and lets you decorate a house.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi 54rea,
Thanks for the review!
We have forward this problem and feedback to our developers, they are working hard to make Wordington a problem free game.
Thanks for playing Wordington! /Emma

Loliinfl ,

Could be great

I was so excited to have a game like this that wasn’t a match 3 type. It was going well until I hit the “more tasks coming soon” several days ago. Now I keep playing and accumulating stars. I completed the entire “extra” puzzle in a couple days (still over two weeks remaining on the timer) and still no new tasks. Also, it would be great if we could tap through the talking parts. Sorry, I like completing tasks but can’t be bothered with having to sit through the entire sweeping or planting or whatever process. I am looking forward to the next update and hope that it will include more tasks and not just another extra puzzle (picnic) also, the extra puzzle took quite a few of my coins. It did not give the hints it was supposed to and took the coins anyway (in several cases it took double coins) and several of the puzzles were extremely compressed and difficult to see. Thank you.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi Loliinfl,
Thanks for the review and the feedback! We have forward your feedback to our developers!
They are working hard to make Wordington a problem free game.

Thanks for playing Wordington! / Emma

ladygl4ze ,


Game is fun and it's so much better than match 3 games to progess. I do have a request. When we play the word game, can you make it where we can keep playing even if the task is done? If the task is already done, it throws you back to the task menu after every puzzle solved, even if you want to play on to rack up more stars. Also, the boosts are a bit pricey with the coins, which would okay if we got coins quicker, but we don't. If you use the 500 coin booster, it would take a while to get that much again. And the last thing, I don't mind "irrelevant" tasks, but maybe those could take only 2 stars max?


WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB
240.6 MB

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Rated 4+
© WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB
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