Easy mind mapping, brainstorming tool.

A version of xLine is also available for iPad platform.

You can sync mind maps with Dropbox or iCloud Drive online services.

It's a perfect tool for idea collection and thought structuring. It allows you to visually organise them.

Compatible OPML format.

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What’s New

Version 2.52

Fixed an important issue with Links inspector

Ratings and Reviews

nutella_98 ,

Could be better

It’s not bad mind mapping app, but I find some features are inconvenient and some other basic features are missing. I summarize them below.


- Various shapes can be assigned to a branch, e.g. rectangle, round rect, oval, pill, etc or none
- There are seven different layout options for your map. Which is great!
- Individual nodes, lines can be colored
- I can add multiple lines to a node
- Notes, comments can be assigned to a node


- The inspector is a great idea, but I think it would be better if this would be a floating palette. Most of the time, the inspector covers other nodes underneath them and when I select a parent node to change its layout, I cannot see immediate feedback because the inspector covers the child nodes. Having a floating palette would alleviate this issue and it could be moved around. Also, a floating palette could be left open, and every time I select a different node, the palette would instantly update with the selected node’s information and could be changed right there.

- When a node has multiple branches, they are center aligned and it seems there’s no way to change them (e.g. left align them).

- When selecting a text only node with no style and no children (e.g., if it’s only a single plain text node), there’s no way to tell when and if the node is selected or not.

- The nodes can only be moved if I select them first. Eg, you cannot just click/tap on them and start moving them. This is especially inconvenient on a MacBook Pro using the touchpad, since first you have to tap on a node and make sure it gets selected (…see my previous note that you cannot see selection feedback for a text only node). Then you have to tap again (for the second time) and start dragging, in order to move the node.

- When using a light gray background and the nodes don’t have a background color but only a small rectangle outline, they hilite with a dark blue color when selected. This is very hard to see on a light gray document background.

- There are no keyboard shortcuts listed (or exist) for some node activity (eg, adding child, parent, sibling, etc). When you press ENTER while editing a node’s title, it creates a new line. Which is nice.Pressing TAB adds a child. Great. But in order to add a sibling to the selected node, I have to click on the “New Idea” toolbar button. Otherwise there’s neither a menu item nor a keyboard shortcut associated with this command (unless it’s hidden). Would be nice to create menu items for all such commands including shortcuts, too.

- When I select a node, I can drag them around to change its placement and the layout will re-adjust itself. This is great, in a way. However, if I change my mind and want to re-layout the whole map again, I have to select the parent or the main node, bring up the inspector, and re-select the layout for the node. It would be more convenient to have a menu item that could be checked/unchecked for automatic layout. When the auto layout menu item is selected and I drag a branch apart, the dragged branch would automatically snapped back to it’s correct position. When the auto layout is not selected, I can drag the nodes whichever way I want them. Or, I can select a node, bring up the inspector, and select the layout. In which case the selected node will be re-laid out. However, when I select auto layout again from the menu, all nodes and children would be re-drawn.

I think this app has a potential to be much better and more mature than it currently is.

robbchadwick ,

The best I’ve found so far for Mac & iOS ...

I have tried to find a mind mapping program that syncs between the Mac & iOS versions for so long. MindNode syncs well with iCloud; but it's just too limited in features. SimpeMind & iThoughts supposedly sync with DropBox; but the method is difficult to implement in the case of iThoughts and I was never able to get SimpleMind to work at all. Several others (like NovaMind) are great Mac programs; but their iPad versions are sill coming in the future and who know what syncing will be like once they do?

THEN I tried xLine ... a beautiful program that syncs perfectly using iCloud, provides notes, an outline and several ways to make the map distinctive, etc. It looks & behaves like a Mac program! I hope this program continues to grow & improve.

I’ve had a few issues with sorting the outline manually. I am told you can do that easily on the Mac and will soon be able to do so on the iPad. I probably need to work with it a little more to understand how that works. It would also be nice to have a few more formatting options; Hopefully those improvements will follow with future updates. For now if you are working on the Mac & on the iPad, this is the only mind mapping program I can fully recommend.

hawaiian808808 ,

Seems okay

Seems okay as a mind mapper. However, I'm running 10.6.8 and the program continues to crash after trying to insert a new idea from the main idea. Hope stability will be improved so that I can use the program.


17.7 MB
OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor
English, French
Age Rating
Rated 4+


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