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Discover a new single-player adventure based on the famous survival board game!

In their quest for ever greater productivity, humans have genetically altered plants and animals, creating a new world infested by...Zombies!

In this post-apocalyptic tactical RPG, you're part of a gang of survivors ready to do anything to stay alive! Cities in ruin, abandoned hideouts, creepy hospitals... Search for food, weapons and shelter in a world that's striving to kill you. You'll be the predator... And the prey! The good news is that Zombies are slow, stupid and predictable. The bad news is that there are dozens of them and the more you kill, the more there are!

Do you want to survive? Get ready, complete all your mission objectives and exterminate them all. The only way out is…ZOMBICIDE!


• Follow the survivors' story line and unlock up to 4 characters.
• Complete all 40 missions
• Play characters with favorite weapons and unique abilities to master.
• Face different types of zombies, like Walkers, Runners, Fatties and Abominations… And how will you defeat the Toxic Zombies?!
• Chainsaws, shotguns, axes and katanas… All of your favorite weapons are waiting for you!
• Ready for a challenge? Discover new ways to eliminate zombies thanks to new survivors, just waiting to join your team. Belle from Prison Outbreak, Julien from Angry Neighbors and others await you in the store.
• Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Brazilian Portuguese.

One thing is for sure: you're going to have some bad encounters…


Version 1.03

This update brings many fixes :

- When you loot a weapon, statistics are now normaly displayed.
- When you loot a weapon, it now appears properly in you inventory.
- During a melee fight, player is not stuck anymore if he has some remaning hits.
- Objectives in Mission 8-2 and Mission 8-5 can now be properly validated.

Thanks again for your support !

Notes et avis

3.9 sur 5
39 notes

39 notes

Cluffito ,

Nice translation

I’m a big Zombicide fan, and this game does not disappoint. It distills the essence if the board game while creating a slightly new experience. Those that do not have or know the board game can jump right in. No iaps necessary, the only thing you can buy is more characters, but the ones included are very good. Some of the levels do require a good strategy, and maybe a playback later to get a perfect score, but the game feels overall well balanced and very fun. The only complaint I have is it seems that each character can only pick up 2-3 items, which was never previously explained, so I lost a few items as I had one character pick them all up. There are many cool upgrades to both your weapons and characters. I’m really hoping they adapt Black Plague and invader as well, as I am hooked, and would love to see expansions as well. Thanks for great game.

Deceptichop ,

Grossly Unbalanced

I think like so many others, I am a fan of the board game. It was a ton of fun, easy to get into, and one of the most well balanced board games in the last decade. Therefor it’s a shame that this game is such a mess and utilizes the success and general mechanics of the original game to make a weak attempt at capitalizing on the app/micro-transaction market.

The game itself is built around getting you to a point where you have no choice but to throw money at micro-transaction to proceed. By implementing a system where your heroes can only take 3ish hits before death while the zombies can have double digit health (and never miss) the game is designed to play you into a corner where it’s impossible the play further without spending more money. Which is ridiculous considering the game isn’t even free.

The gameplay otherwise works similar to the original where each character has a certain number of AP and attempt to collect resources and survive waves of zombies of increasing difficulty. But again the balancing falls apart as the rate the difficulty increases is staggering.

My hope is that some future patching to balance the game and make it playable will come. But it’s a shame that CMON is trying to wring their fan base of every last penny before delivering something worthwhile.

Am3rigunm3rk ,

A good start, has some rough edges

First, I am a fan of the board games. I own all of them, save the newest integration. (Green hoard at the time of this writing)

This game captures the essence of the board game, but makes some design decisions I’m not a fan of. First, progress is not saved between devices. I play on an iPad and my iPhone, but I was disappointed to see I had to start over on both devices.

Second, the “buy” buttons for DLC doesn’t seem to work. I also did not see any missions available as DLC, but perhaps I have not progressed far enough. Splitting my time between two devices to do the same thing hinders progress.

The next thing I would bring up is that the touch sensitivity on the iPad Pro 11 is a bit funky. I like to use the Apple Pencil, but it’s extremely difficult to use. It also appears that some features are missing, like changing the primary weapon or reorganizing inventory. That was a key element to the board games, so it’s sad to see it go.

After that, things like animations, sound (music is awful) and other quality of life items need to be tweaked.

Overall I’m ok with the 4.99 price, but it feels like an unfinished product. I’d wait for a couple months if you aren’t a huge Zombicide fan.


Asmodee Digital
402.2 Mo

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 12+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes
© Asmodee Digital 2019. Zombicide is a game by CMON. All rights reserved. Application developed by Playsoft.
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  1. Angry Neighbors Bundle $2.99
  2. Toxic City Mall Bundle $2.99
  3. Prison Outbreak Bundle $2.99

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