Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your Wonderful 3D Zoo

The situation is dire. For many yours, your great-aunt Josephine took care of her little hobby zoo. Now that she's passed, the zoo is to be closed. The fate of your zoo lies in your hand! Prove your skill and save the Animal Park! The mayor has given you 48 hours to turn things around. Time's ticking. Roll up your sleeves, start scrubbing the enclosures, feed the cute little goats and rabbits and procure new wild animals for your zoo.

An animal game like no other, "Zoo 2: Animal Park" drops you in the role of a freshly minted zoo director. Dive into a gripping zoo game story with tons of cute ideas and exciting plot twists.

Fantastic Animal Game Features

Discover a truly extraordinary combination of zoo simulation and tycoon game. Explore a colorful and lovingly detailed game world. Feed adorable wild animals, take care of them and play with them. "Zoo 2: Animal Park" is chock-full of customization options and game features. This one-of-a-kind zoo game has a lot to offer:

• A rich story with entertaining quests and tasks
• A wide variety of enclosures and animal species – from playful pandas over garrulous goats to lordly lions
• New tycoon features and items unlocked with every level up. Enjoy a stunning array of flowers, bushes and trees, enclosures, shops, toilet and facilities
• Regular updates and seasonal events that provide addition fun
• Lovingly animated creatures and impressive 3D graphics
• Plenty of achievements to earn while progressing through the animal game

A Fun Wild Animal Simulation

"Zoo 2: Animal Park" whisks you off to an impressive zoo game setting. There's always something new to discover. Save Aunt Josephine's zoo! Prove your skills as a manager and turn the humble zoo into an animal park paradise. Experience animal game fun of extraordinary proportions. Download the app now!


Version 1.19.1

Dear zoo managers,
Thanks to plenty of hard-working animals, Zoo 2: Animal Park is now even better! The elephants have trampled numerous bugs, the wolves have chased away a number of errors, and the pandas are even happier to play around in their enclosures.
Download the update, save Aunt Josephine's zoo and play the latest version of Zoo 2: Animal Park!

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.6 von 5
894 Bewertungen
894 Bewertungen
4&7underdog ,


Zoo 2 is a highly addictive game. The makers of this game know how to keep you hooked, and they only keep improving the customer experience. I love the addition of new animals and their occasional sales on twins and shop upgrades keep me on the app longer. It’s difficult to play this game without buying some diamond bundles unless you are an extremely patient person. The developers make their money through the diamond bundles, so I really don’t mind buying some especially if I really want to add a certain animal to my zoo. My only suggestion would be to include a few games within the zoo. After I’m finished taking care of the animal and decorations, there isn’t anything else to do until it needs care again in an hour or so.

arhartz22 ,

Great zoo game!

This game is amazing and I’m so addicted. I used to love playing zoo tycoon on pc and this is the closest game to it I’ve found. There’s a lot of free design inside and outside the enclosures, and gameplay is very realistic. Real aspects of animal care are included such as cleaning, enrichment, breeding, and feeding. Even the food is detailed, giving each animal the type of food that’s appropriate for that species (leaves, fruit/veggies, hay, meat, fish). At the beginning there are a lot of quests to guide you through gameplay and setting up your zoo, but there’s a decent amount of freedom when you get into higher levels. I definitely recommend this game, I love it!

The camo pants ,

Where is the last crow!!!????

So i love this game, love the concept and just overall enjoyable. However, on one of the little side quests things that you do with friends, with the multiple options for the random quests, the crow one seems the most frustrating. I have literally scanned the whole zoo, every inclosure from corner to corner, zooming in and out, only to give up and wasting a useless diamond that I have spent 5 minutes of watching ads to get. It happens occasionally but other then that all the crows are in obvious locations. But on the maybe 1 in 5 chance, you’ll get a ninja crow that just can’t be found.


Upjers GmbH
347.8 MB

Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German

Rated 4+
© upjers GmbH
  1. Rabbit's Pawful of Diamonds $0.99
  2. Panda Pawful of Diamonds $9.99
  3. Meerkat Arms full of Diamonds $4.99


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