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zoomIt application has been overhauled to work with our zoomIT device (sold separately), which is a 4G/LTE hotspot that includes a micro SD card creating your own secure personal cloud. The zoomIT device is a product of zoomMediaPlus, Inc. For more info go to zoomitonline.com or contact us at zoomit@zoommediaplus.com.

When zoomIT hotspot is turned on and your iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) is connected to the zoomIT WiFi network, zoomIt application enables you to:
- manage, copy or move files between zoomIT SD card and a local app File Directory, Google Drive or Dropbox
- delete or rename a file in the local File Directory or zoomIT SD card
- interface to Photo Album to move/copy photos between SD card and local File Directory, Google Drive or Dropbox
- capture a picture or video with your iPhone camera and save directly to zoomIT SD card, Google Drive or Dropbox
- play music or movies stored in zoomIT SD card
- Share documents stored in zoomIT document, local File Directory, Google Drive or Dropbox
- Manage your zoomIT hotspot LTE connection and settings

Additional features and functions will be added in future upgrade releases to the application.

What's New

Version 3.0

This zoomIt app version 3.0 works with zoomIT LTE hotspot (purchased separately) which includes a micro SD card creating your own secure and personal cloud. DO NOT upgrade to this version if you have an older zoomIt version that works with our discontinued Gen1 zoomIT SD card accessory that you are still using.

In addition to general file management functions, when your iOS device is connected to zoomIT secure WiFi network, now you can:
- Copy/Move documents between zoomIT SD card and a local app folder, Google Drive or Dropbox
- Capture a picture or video with your iPhone camera and save directly to zoomIT SD card
- Play music or movies stored in zoomIT SD card
- Manage your zoomIT hotspot LTE connection and settings

Ratings and Reviews

Beware: Forced Obsolescence


I'd highly suggest avoiding this company's products - they're guilty of blatant forced obsolescence.

This app used to be the sole way to use an SD card reader they used to manufacture. Since then, they've released a new product - but rather than releasing a 2nd app for the new product or letting this work for both, they've *removed* support for the original product, leaving no way to use the original. I contacted their support who claimed there's "no way to get back the old app," and suggested I purchase the upgraded product as a replacement. I challeneged him that this feels like a deliberate attempt at forced obsolescence, at which point he stopped responding to my e-mails. Thus, I'm left with an expensive paperweight that can never be used again.

Note that even if I still had the old app, it could never be used by anyone but me, since the purchase is tied to my iTunes account - and no other Apple accounts would ever be able to get that app again.

With business practices like this, please do not buy from them; there's nothing stopping them from doing the exact same thing with their current and future products.

Update Ruined It


I can no longer add documents to ZoomIt. When opening a .pdf or other file, it used to be an option. It's not now. App is now useless.

Still working fine - just tried it on the iPad

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

On the iPad (2) it is faster. Yes, I can buy Apple's card reader but I already have this. Apples card reader does not work with iPhone, iPod touch.

Old review, Sep 2010:
This is what I have been looking for since I bought my iphone 1 year ago. I do not take my laptop on trips, so I was looking for a way to back up pictures and movies (<= 30Mb) from my digital camera to my iPhone. Zoomit worked fine.

Reviewers who complain about speed and other problems are most likely computer illiterate. Of course it is slow and it drains the battery, but that is expected. Copying files over takes a lot of juice. You have to live with it, there is no such thing as free lunch. A bike cannot carry the same load as a tractor trailer. Get it? D'oh!

Also, it is a only a backup tool people! Just to show you what you've backed up, not really pretty display. Most pics on my digital camera are too big for the iphone screen anyway. I want them untouched, not optimized for iphone display. Just a backup until I return home, in case my SD cards get lost or some other disaster strikes!

Finally, quick copy works fine and it does preserve the folder structure on the SD card. It's all very intuitive and self explanatory.


zoomMediaPlus, Inc.
6 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© 2009-2011 zoomMediaPlus, Inc.


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