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About Marc Scibilia

Born in Buffalo, New York to a family of musicians who had to make their living in other professions, Marc Scibilia moved to Nashville immediately after high school determined to become a full-time singer/songwriter. He emerged in 2007 with a strong debut LP, Fixity, introducing his melodic rock sound, which mixes lush pop production with a folky, Dylan-inspired flair. A tour-only EP called From Brooklyn to Maine arrived in 2009 and, the following year, Scibilia landed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Things began to pick up when the single "How Bad We Need Each Other" from his 2012 self-titled EP received a couple of high-profile television placements. One year later, he released an EP called The Shape I'm In, which highlighted an expansive, roots-oriented, Springsteen-like approach. His star continued to rise when his cover of Woody Guthrie's classic folk song "This Land Is Your Land" was featured in a Jeep commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl, exposing him to an audience of millions. Working with veteran producer Butch Walker, Scibilia released the more pop-oriented Out of Style EP in the fall of that year. In 2017 Scibilia scored a hit with the nostalgic single "Summer Clothes." The single "Over You" appeared in 2018. ~ Timothy Monger

Buffalo, NY

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