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Queercore revolutionaries Team Dresch formed in Portland, OR in late 1993, originally comprising bassist Donna Dresch (formerly of bands ranging from Dangermouse to Dinosaur Jr.), singer/guitarist Jody Bleyle (also of Hazel), singer/guitarist Kaia Wilson (ex-Adickdid) and Spinanes drummer Scott Plouf. The group played its first show on New Year's Day 1994 minus a name, considering Magic Animal and Dyke Access Road before finally agreeing on Team Dresch; after recording their Kill Rock Stars debut single "Hand Grenade," Plouf exited, with a series of short-lived drummers completing the lineup before the addition of onetime Calamity Jane member Marci Martinez. 1995's Personal Best, a brilliantly visceral fusion of punk-pop energy and lesbian empowerment, appeared jointly on Dresch's Chainsaw label and Bleyle's Candy-Ass imprint; following the record's completion Martinez left Team Dresch, and was replaced by former Vitapup drummer Melissa York for 1996's Captain My Captain. After issuing a self-titled solo LP Kaia left the group, with the revised foursome of Dresch, Bleyle, Martinez and guitarist Amanda Kelly releasing the Outpunk single "Deattached," credited to the New Team Dresch v.6.0 Beta. ~ Jason Ankeny

Portland, OR

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