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Though he appeared in over 75 films and starred in many others, Eddie Albert will forever be connected to Oliver Wendell Douglas, the character he played opposite Eva Gabor on the CBS sitcom Green Acres from 1965 to 1971. Albert was born April 22, 1908, in Rock Island, IL, and made his first film appearance in 1938. His most successful cinema roles came in the mid-'50s, when he starred in Roman Holiday (1953) and Oklahoma! (1955); he began a pop music career in 1954, and released several albums -- some recorded with his wife Margo -- from the late '50s to the mid-'60s. His only charting single, "Little Child," was a duet with Sondra Lee in 1956 that hit number 56. Before Arthur Godfrey was named host of Candid Camera in 1960, Albert was briefly in the running. Besides Green Acres, Albert was a regular on seven other shows and has appeared in more than 50 series altogether. His son Edward is also a film and TV actor. ~ John Bush

Rock Island, IL
Apr 22, 1908

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