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Specializing in pop and R&B, Ning (born Ning Baizura on June 28, 1975) was best known in her native Malaysia for singing songs and ballads in a number of different languages, including English and Malaysian. A veteran of a number of big-time major labels, Ning was also a bit controversial at home, wearing tank tops and giving racy interviews, which -- probably -- only bolstered sales of her work with the pop-centric public, making her even more popular. Her first album, Dekat Padamu, was released in 1993, and was the first of many (more than ten) full-lengths to see the light of day over the next 15 years. In addition to her musical work, Ning was also a popular actress, appearing in nearly ten films over ten years, including 2007's Diva. In 2006, Ning started her own label, Artiste United Records, which included a group of up-and-coming artists under her guiding hand. Her 2008 album, East to West, was released on the imprint in March of 2008. ~ Chris True

Kajang, Malaysia
Jun 28, 1975