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About Angelit

Formerly known as the Girls Of Angeli, Angelit has brought the musical traditions of the Sami (Laplanders or Lapps) people of northern Finland to the international stage. With the vocal harmonies of Ursula and Tunni Lansman set to simple drum rhythms and Kimmo Kajasto's electronic keyboards, Angelit take a modern approach to the traditional joik-songs and stories. Although the original group focused on acapella singing, Angelit has incorporated rock, rap and techno-beats. The Lansman sisters initially attracted attention in 1982 when they performed with a loosely-knit youth group of six girls and one boy. Inspired by the response they received for their performance at a Sami festival, the Lansman joined with vocalist Ulla Pirttjarvi to form a more serious group. The ensemble's debut recording was a non-commercial Christmas tape that they shared with Mari Boine. With the tragic death of a band member in an auto accident, in 1989, the band assumed the name Girls Of Angeli. Following the release of their first commercially-distributed album, Dolla, in 1992, Pirttjarvi left the group and the Lansmans continued as a duo . In 1997, the band was renamed Angelit. In addition to their own albums, the Lansman sisters were featured on two albums by hard rock band, Waltari -- So Fine and Big Band. ~ Craig Harris