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About A Halo Called Fred

Having been classified as "happy folk," the acoustic based quartet of A Halo Called Fred additionally features a number of electronic samples, silly lyrics, Beatles-influenced harmonies, and kitchen utensils. Making their debut at a New Brunswick, NJ, coffeehouse in 1995, the lineup of Geverend Dee (guitar/vocals) and Brushwood Thicket Farmer (percussion/trinkets) would eventually recruit bassist Jim Bob Rubbernecker before releasing their debut EP, Chester's Dozen, in 1996. Following the addition of Gerrymiah T. Bullfrog (guitar) and their first album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band not too long afterwards, the band's final album, Necessity Is the Motherfucker of Invention, came out in 1999 after Rubbernecker's relocation to Salt Lake City. ~ Mike DaRonco