A fixture of Brooklyn's experimental rock scene since the mid-2000s, Aa (pronounced "big a, little a") blend restless polyrhythms with elements of electronic, psychedelic, hardcore, and pop music. Founding percussionists/keyboardists Aron Wahl, Josh Bonati, and John Atkinson are joined by a rotating cast of supporting players on releases including the band's 2004 Narnack debut All War All the Time and 2007's gAame. After spending several years touring and on other projects, Aa returned with new music in 2014 with VoyAager, which they recorded in Southern France, L.A., New Jersey, and Brooklyn with co-producer Billy Pavone. The band's fourth album, 2016's ZebrAa, combined the power of three drummers with programmed beats. ~ Heather Phares

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