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About Albrecht Mayer

Albrecht Mayer may be principal oboist for the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic, but he is also a very active soloist and recitalist not only on the oboe, but also on its relatives, the English horn and the oboe d'amore.

His first position was with the Bamberg Symphony, in his hometown, which he joined in 1990 before going to Berlin in 1992. He has performed much of the existing repertoire for his instruments -- be it concerto, chamber music, or featured solo in an orchestral or vocal work -- but he is always looking for ways to expand what is available. This includes newly written compositions and collaborations, such as with percussionist Martin Grubinger on Grubinger's Drums 'n' Chant. It also means transcribing and arranging music originally for other instruments, or frequently, for voice, which Mayer often does himself. He has arranged and worked with other arrangers on the music of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, and more. His recordings have received a number of awards in Europe. Oboists of his caliber are rare, and with his lush tone, smooth control, and engaging expression it's easy to understand why he is a much sought-after musician.

Bamberg, Germany