Alison Crockett

An R&B singer and songwriter with deep gospel and jazz roots, Alison Crockett won high school talent competitions and attended Temple University and the Manhattan School of Music. After she earned a Master's degree from MSM, she returned to Philadelphia, linked with King Britt, and became part of the producer's Sylk 130 project. Crockett fronted three of the songs on the group's 1998 album When the Funk Hits the Fan, including ballad highlight "Season's Change." Crockett went on to work with Greg Osby, and subsequently fronted Us3, as heard on 2001's An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place. The same year, as Diva Blue, she released her first solo work, an EP titled Azure. Although she continued to be featured on releases from artists who sought her out, she settled into a solo career during the 2000s with the albums On Becoming a Woman (2003) and Bare (2007). Released the following decade, Mommy, What's a Depression? (2012) was her frankest, most expansive release to that point. ~ Andy Kellman

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