Amilia K Spicer

Singer and songwriter Amilia K. Spicer was raised in Pennsylvania. Her association with music began in a negative way; as a child she was forced to take piano lessons. When the dream of becoming a film director began to blossom, she left her home ground behind to move to Los Angeles, CA. Somewhere along the way, the dream altered completely and Spicer was soon making waves in the music world with her singing and songwriting.

By the mid nineties, Amilia Spicer had a band working with her locally. Members included guitarist Fren Asken, bassist Tom Felliceta, and drummer Christopher Allis. That same year, the National Academy of Songwriters named Spicer Female Artist of the Year.

In 2000, Spicer finished recording her debut album, Like an Engine. The release offered tracks like "Come Over Me," "Solo Rider," "Shine Like You," and "Almost Broken." The solo album received good reviews in a number of magazines and papers, including Sing Out!, Monterey Herald, Applause, and Coast Weekly.

Spicer has performed across a good portion of the United States, appearing at many festivals and clubs. After the success of Like an Engine, she went to work on a sophomore release, Seamless. Her music has been described as intimate, dreamlike, lighthearted, and moody. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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