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An Cafe, aka Antic Cafe, are a Japanese pop/rock band whose popularity, particularly high among the youth in their homeland, extends internationally to mainland Asia, Europe, and the United States. Formed in May 2003 in Tokyo, the band was originally comprised of Miku (vocals), Bou (guitar), Kanon (bass), and Teruki (drums); Bou left the band in 2007 and was replaced by Takuya (guitar) and Yuuki (keyboard). After performing some live shows and recording some demos, the band signed to the independent label Loop Ash in 2004, releasing its debut single, "Candyholic," in March, followed by a couple more singles ("_69," "Komou Cosmos") later in the year. In 2005 An Cafe released their full-length album debut, Amedama Rock, along with a series of singles ("Karakuri Hitei," "Tekesuta Kousen," "Escapism," "Merrymaking") and a follow-up album, Shikisai Moment, later in the year. Over the next couple years An Cafe continued to release new music, including the album Magnya Carta (2006) and another series of singles, and also continued to expand their popularity beyond Japan; for instance, Magnya Carta was released in South Korea in 2007 and the band also began to make inroads into Europe and the United States. An Cafe's next album, Gokutama Rock Cafe (2008), was their first international release, issued by the Gan-Shin label in the European Union. Featuring a couple previously released singles from 2007 ("Kakusei Heroism," "Ryuusei Rocket"), plus a new one ("Cherry Saku Yuki!!"), Gokutama Rock Cafe notably became a Top Ten chart hit in Sweden and charted in Finland as well. In support of the album's international release, An Cafe toured Europe for the first time. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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