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Although the name Analogue II wasn't unveiled until the early 2000s, this avant-garde rock/progressive rock band from North Carolina actually goes back to the ‘90s. Analogue II (whose direct or indirect influences range from Tortoise and Slint to King Crimson and Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention) is basically Analogue with a new name and a few personnel changes; in fact, three of the people who were in the first Analogue--David Heller, Jennifer Greer, and Matthew J. Westlake--went on to become members of Analogue II. Taking a bizarre, tripped-out, eccentric approach to avant-garde rock, progressive rock and psychedelic rock, the first Analogue came out of North Carolina in the mid-‘90s. Analogue's original lineup included Greer (electric keyboards, synthesizers, electric bass, glockenspiel) and Westlake (electric guitar, vocals) as well as David Cantwell (drums) and Christopher Karlof (electric bass, electric guitar); Heller (electric guitar, electric bass) joined Analogue a few years later. In 1995, Analogue made its recording debut with a single titled "Average Luck Charm," which was released on the Sonic Bubblegum label). In 1996, Analogue provided its first album, AAD/AAA, which was also released on Sonic Bubblegum and was followed by Rock Proper in 1997. Then, in the early 2000s, Analogue became Analogue II. Cantwell and Karlof left the band, and the new members were drummer Heath Grant and a vocalist who goes by the Torch Marauder (although much of Analogue II's work is instrumental). With that new Greer/Westlake/Heller/Grant/Torch Marauder lineup in place, Analogue II recorded Oh Perfect Masters for Rubric Records (a subsidiary of Knitting Factory Records/Knit Media) in early 2002. Oh Perfect Masters was released in August 2002. ~ Alex Henderson

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