Andrea Marquee

b. c.

1978, Brazil. After working successfully if obscurely in multi-media theatrical events and low-budget independent films, Marquee began attracting attention as a singer-songwriter. At first, this fame too was only localized but gradually she became known to a much wider audience, in part through her role as lead singer with the Heart Breakers, a Brazilian salsa band. By the early 00s, she had become one of the more popular of the new generation of young Brazilian artists. Ably blending traditional references to samba with contemporary electro-pop music, she appealed chiefly to her own generation but was by no means ignored by older audiences. Her repertoire includes songs by Jorge Ben Jor (‘Zumbi’), Caetano Veloso (‘A Voz Do Morto’), and her own compositions, which include ‘Carmesim’, ‘Cantos De Trabalho’, ‘Sambadelic’ and ‘O Que Aconteceu Com Nosso Amor?’. Among musicians with whom Marquee has worked are Maurício Tagliari, Luca Raele, Rica Amabis and André Mehmari.

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