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About Angel Lopez

Puerto Rican Angel López became seriously involved in music after joining a local group known as Blanco y Negro. As a result of the addition of his vocal talent, the group changed their name to Son by Four in reference to the members in the band. Their debut album, titled Preparense, was followed by a successful self-titled record featuring the smash single "A Puro Dolor." After issuing the English Purest of Pain and the tropical-inflected Salsa Hits, including a duo with Jaci Velasquez on "Vida Mia," Angel López decided to leave the band to start working on his solo career. Singer Luis Damon replaced him soon after.

Sony Discos signed López up to release his first album. The hit single "Entre El Amor y El Odio," featured in a popular Latin soap opera, brought forward his first full-length record, co-produced by composer Alejandro Jaén. ~ Drago Bonacich

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