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ANoyd is the stage name of Dashorn Whitehead, an MC from Bloomfield, Connecticut. His delivery is direct, confident, and energetic, and his lyrics reflect on racial issues, relationship troubles, and other life struggles. His storytelling skills are clearly inspired by '90s rap icons such as Nas and OutKast, but his beats (often produced by RichBreed or Ty Nitty) are closer to trap, and his songs often featured AutoTune-laced R&B choruses. Whitehead is the son of reggae artist Chuck Fenda. He began rapping after he graduated high school, and his first EP, ANoydwithLife (produced by RichBreed), dropped in 2014. During the same year, Whitehead made a guest appearance on Apathy's album Connecticut Casual. Full-length mixtape Summer in Sinsinati followed in 2015. In early 2016, ANoyd released "Black Privilege" in response to Macklemore's "White Privilege." The year also saw the release of Once in a Brgndi Moon and Autumn in Sinsinati, as ANoyd toured across the country and became one of Connecticut's most well-known rappers. ~ Paul Simpson