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About Anthony Malvo

b. 4 January 1962, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Malvo has voiced many hits for a number of Jamaicas top producers in the style of a dancehall singer. His initial hits include Come Back To Me and Rain From The Skies, both with Tiger, and Take You To The Dance with Lizard. The combination hits were followed by a solo venture recorded with Bobby Digital, Cant Control The Feeling and History Sound. Malvo is best known for his work with dancehall singer Anthony Red Rose when his career peaked in 1994. The duo enjoyed individual hits on their How Yu Fi Sey Dat label: Red Rose sang about the Ganja Man while Malvo performed Sensi on an identical rhythm in combination with Josey Wales. In the history of reggae, the dancehall has always played an important role in inspiring recording trends. In the early days the selector would play one rhythm and the DJs would take turns to chant over the same tune. By the early 90s the selector would mix various recorded tracks of the same rhythm, creating the impression that a number of performers were taking a turn at the microphone. Although many sound systems would play the rhythm without an apparent interruption, the practice induced the duo to create Informer. As well as producing the song, they performed alongside Frankie Paul, Red Dragon, Snagga Puss, Lizard and Flourgon. The idea proved a success and a number of multi-combination tunes followed. In 1994, the duo performed Never Get, which was rendered in a call-and-response style. They also produced a number of Jamaicas top performers, including Red Dragon (Sweetheart), Beenie Man (Name Brand), Chuckleberry (Woman Youre Hard) and combinations with Merciless, Prezident Brown and Spragga Benz with You A Mi Heart, Red Alert and Reminiscing, respectively. In 1996, after maintaining a low profile, Malvo released the popular Main Ingredient, as well as producing successful hits for How Yu Fi Sey Dat.

Kingston, Jamaica
Jan 4, 1962