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About Arif

A member of the Norwegian crew BAWS who broke out on his own in 2012, rapper Phil T. Rich launched a solo career under a new moniker, Arif. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, the quick-witted, quick-delivery MC helped form BAWS in 2009. In 2012 the Kom Så Tok Færdiih EP marked the beginning of a solo career, and it went on to win the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's prestigious "newcomer" award, Untouched Artist of the Year. A year later, he signed with the major-label EMI/Warner Music Group and released his second EP, Aldri & Alltid. In 2014, he released the hit single "Lowkey," while "Kanke Gi Opp" landed in 2015 along with the album Highend/Asfalt. ~ David Jeffries

Oslo, Norway
Jul 15, 1986