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Guitarist Neil McKay and bassist Jeff Leyda met in 1989 in Minneapolis. Over the next few years, they performed together at local clubs, working with a number of different singers who didn't stick around for one reason or another. By 1993, the duo had added yet another vocalist to the mix, Julie Plante. She is a powerful singer who brought not only her marvelous vocal skills to the group, but her writing ability as well. This time, the members became a solid threesome and the gothic rock group Autumn was born healthy and whole.

In 1997, Autumn finished recording a noteworthy debut album, The Hating Tree. It was followed two years later by a sophomore release, Return to the Breath. Both albums were recorded under the Tess Records label. Some of the tracks fans can sample from these first offerings are "How It Came to Be This Way," "Dakota Odowan," "The End of the Line," "Desert Winds of Jezebel," and "A Waiting Time." During the band's first couple of years together, Autumn managed to grow a large fan base. The group also gained exposure by appearing with many other artists like Sunshine Blind, Lycia, Ascension, Switch Blade, and the Wake. ~ Charlotte Dillon