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Beth Quist began performing music before she could attend school, often playing on a piano from the age of two. Soon afterwards, she started improving her skills and composing her own songs. At age 8, she wrote her first song, "I'm A Little Leopard Prowling Around In Sneakers". Quist soon discovered that she had a four octave soprano vocal range shortly thereafter. In 1995, she released her debut album Lucidity, which was mixed with Middle Eastern and Balkan influences. Although the album caused some controversy with album art, Quist was quickly noticed by Bobby McFerrin, who asked Quist to sing on his Circlesongs album. Quist also toured with McFerrin as part of his "Voicestra". In 1998, Quist was commissioned to compose nine songs for choreographers in Boulder, Colorado. The result was her second album, Shall We Dance. The album was compared to Peter Gabriel and his Passion recording. Quist has performed with numerous artists, including Jenny Bird, Dave Beegle and Sherefe. She has performed at the Oregon Country Fair and the Fourth Annual Rocky Mountain Guitar Show. ~ Jason MacNeil

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