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Inspired by their parents’ Fleetwood Mac records, BETWEEN FRIENDS founders Brandon and Savannah Hudson began making music together in grade school.

∙ Their mother took Brandon to see a therapist after discovering his song notebooks, which were filled with romantic lyrics that seemed inappropriate for an eight-year-old to write.
∙ In 2013, Brandon and Savannah, performing as a duo, made it to the semifinals of TV’s America’s Got Talent.
Ecliptic, the 2015 EP released by the Hudsons’ band The Heirs, was coproduced by Beck collaborators Justin Stanley and Bram Inscore.
∙ In 2017, the siblings formed their “laptop dream pop” project, BETWEEN FRIENDS, with Heirs drummer Brennan Benko, and released their debut single, “suburban wonderland.”
∙ BTS/TXT songwriter/producer Michel “Lindgren” Schulz collaborated with BETWEEN FRIENDS on their 2018 track “u can still come over.”