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Inspired by the crunchy blues-based riffs of Led Zeppelin and two-piece alt-rock bands like the White Stripes and the Black Keys, Beware of Darkness was formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Kyle Nicolaides (aka Kyle Nicolai) and drummer Tony Cupito. While touring from their base of Los Angeles to Santa Monica, they met up with bassist Daniel Curcio and expanded into a trio. Beware of Darkness continued to tour often, playing the SXSW festival and touring with the Wombats in 2012, the same year they released the Howl EP. In 2013, the group put out their debut album, Orthodox, via Bright Antenna Records and picked up a slot opening for Smashing Pumpkins on their summer tour of Europe. Another EP, Sanctuary Season, followed in 2015, and their sophomore album, Are You Real?, arrived in 2016, also on Bright Antenna. Soon after, Lionel Forrester, Jr. replaced Cupito on drums. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Los Angeles, CA