Beyond the Sixth Seal

Although based in Weymouth, MA, Beyond the Sixth Seal played melodic death metal inspired by Swedish titans like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. Forming in 1998, the group followed a couple of demo tapes with 2001's cheerfully named A Homicide Divine EP, at which time their lineup consisted of vocalist Lawrence Kwong, guitarists Justin Chappell and Adam Wentworth, bassist Rob Devlin, and drummer Brendan Roche. In 2002, the full-length Earth and Sphere introduced new screamer Mike McKenzie (aka Gunface, of the Red Chord) and bassist Matt Woods but proved to be their last, as they went their separate ways in late 2003. A few years later, Beyond the Sixth Seal was reborn as a trio comprising guitarist/vocalist McKenzie, drummer Roche, and bassist Gregory Weeks; however, with no plans to tour, it was now more of a studio side project for McKenzie and his Red Chord bandmate Weeks than an actual band. The trio announced their return in early May 2007 with the album The Resurrection of Everything Tough, released through Metal Blade Records. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Weymouth, MA

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