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Forming in Los Angeles circa 2001, Big City Rock take their name to heart with dancey, keyboard-littered rock numbers that exhibit unabashed '80s pop influences alongside an arena rock attitude to make U2 proud. Working their way through the crowded L.A. scene, the members of Big City Rock found themselves opening sold-out shows for bands like Rooney and Phantom Planet by late 2002. The band self-released the first of two self-titled EPs that same year, with the second following a year later. A tour with Maroon 5 during the fall of 2003 helped to further broaden the band's fan base up and down the West Coast. A third self-titled EP appeared in October 2004 that contained previously released songs re-recorded alongside three live tracks and an acoustic version of their song "All the Way." Still not ones for album titles, Big City Rock -- made up of Nate Bott (vocals/guitar), Frank Staniszewski (keyboards), Timothy Resudek (bass), Kaumyar (drums), and Andy Barr (guitar) -- released their self-titled debut full-length in March 2006 on Atlantic Records. ~ Corey Apar

    Los Angeles, CA

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