Blaq Lily

Bringing together Celtic music influences with modern guitar strains, Blaq Lily manages to deliver a unique kind of alternative rock. Using unusual instruments such as harps and flutes, the band succeeds on delivering distinct alternate rock themes. Arminta (vocals, flute) and Raven (guitar) were the founding duo of Lily in Indianapolis in 1999. They both shared considerable musical experience, and within a short time decided to assemble a full lineup. It was then that Alexandra (harp, keyboard), Creed (bass), and Ron (drums, percussion) completed the band's set. Following several months during which they played their sole compositions at numerous concerts throughout the U.S., the group delivered their debut album. The independently released Blaq Lily arrived in record stores in 1999, achieving considerable praise and gaining regular airplay at countless radio stations all over the country. After yet another year of constant touring, Blaq Lily issued their second full-length, Still Waters, again enjoying significant acclaim. The band's third studio album, Dream Walk, followed in 2002. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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