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Shaping compelling melodies covering both sludge and stoner metal styles and affiliating it with influences of classic rock references, such as Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, Borgo Pass produced the sole breed of a powered ponderous sound. Tom Crane (guitar), YT (bass), and Joseph Wood (drums) were the founding trio of Borgo Pass in 1993, then known as Slow Painful Death. The later additions of guitarist Paul Rosado and vocalist Ed Sebastian secured the main outline of the New York crew. Borgo Pass, their self-titled debut album, arrived in 1996, having considerable notice on local radio stations due to the band's distinct and vigorous conceptions. Powered by Sludge, the crew's independently released second album, hit record stores in January 2000, a few months before vocalist Sebastian parted ways with the band. The search for a new frontman took more than a year, and it was not until June 2001 that Jimmy Tamarazzo officially became Pass' vocalist. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges