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About Breather Resist

Louisville's Breather Resist got together in 2002 around guitarist Evan Patterson (of Black Cross and the National Acrobat fame), bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton, and singer Steve Sindoni. Taking cues from acts like Deadguy, the Jesus Lizard, Kiss It Goodbye, and Hoover (their name comes from one of the latter's songs), the guys appeared on various Initial Records releases before their brutally chaotic and discordant hardcore/metal attack found its way onto 2003's Only in the Morning, released through Deathwish. The band hooked up next with Jade Tree Records, regardless of being much heavier than most of the label's indie/emo-oriented roster. Breather Resist got to work on their sophomore album with Kurt Ballou (Cave In, Isis), and the resulting more dynamic Charmer was issued in October 2004. Sindoni parted ways with the band in December 2005; the remaining guys decided to push ahead without replacing him and Patterson took over vocals. By mid-2006, however, they found their new music was different than that of Breather Resist, and thus retired their old discography and changed names to Young Widows. The trio's first release as such, Settle Down City, appeared that fall, also through Jade Tree. Sindoni went on to play in Louisville-based Pusher. ~ Corey Apar

Louisville, KY

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