Brittney Elizabeth

Contemporary singer/songwriter Brittney Elizabeth began writing music at 17 years of age, taking equal inspiration from the pop-punk strains of the Ataris, the songcraft of Vanessa Carlton, and the raw confessionals of Patti Smith. Although born in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth had relocated to Arizona at a young age and was soon enrolled in professional lessons for voice, guitar, and acting. As high school progressed, she found her journal entries evolving into metered prose and full-fledged songs, the majority of which detailed the ups and downs of her relationship with a longtime boyfriend. One such song won Elizabeth the Best Song Award from the West Coast Songwriters panel in spring 2006, and she subsequently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her craft there. The independent Desert Sunrise Records noticed Elizabeth's marketable sound and striking appearance, and the label subsequently issued her debut album, Breathe In, in fall 2007. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Camp Hill, PA
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