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Broadway Calls are a street-level punk-pop band from Rainier, OR, a tiny town on the Washington border. Although Broadway Calls properly formed in 2005, their key partnership of singer and guitarist Ty Vaughn and drummer Josh Baird had spent most of the previous decade with the hardcore act Countdown to Life. Forming Broadway Calls with Josh's brother Robert Baird on guitar and Matt Koenig on bass and backing vocals, the band released its debut EP, Call the Medic..., on the State of Mind label (also featuring Canadian pop-punk act Daggermouth) in late 2005. Expanding their North American distribution through a deal with the prolific Canadian punk label Smallman, Broadway Calls completed their self-titled full-length debut in 2007, an album that was then re-released in 2008 on Adeline Records, the label to which the band had signed in January of that same year. ~ Stewart Mason

Rainier, OR

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