Brown Recluse Sings

Brown Recluse, a psychedelia-tinged indie pop ensemble whose breezy, lighthearted tunes nodded to Beachwood Sparks, Belle & Sebastian, and the Essex Green, formed in the early 2000s with Timothy Meskers, Herbert Shellenberger, Alexander Tyson, and Jesse, Patrick, and Ryan Todd. The group self-released its debut EP, Black Sunday, in early 2007. A cassette tape-only release on Dead Format, Selected Hymns (Of the Evening Tapestry), came out in the late summer of the following year, followed closely by the band's second EP, The Soft Skin, which was released by Slumberland in autumn of 2009. The band's debut full-length, Evening Tapestry, arrived in February of 2011.

    Philadelphia, PA

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