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Formed in New York in 1989, Burn quickly became one of the most compelling, energetic, and uncompromising hardcore punk bands on the American scene. An on-again/off-again outfit (with many splits and personnel shifts) resulted in them issuing only four EPS between 1990 and 2002. Despite playing intermittent shows together for the next decade-and-a-half, the official reunion of guitarist/songwriter Gavin Van Vlack and lead vocalist Chaka Malik in 2015 (the latter left after the band's first EP to play in Orange 9mm) marked the band's official return with new members Tyler Krupsky (bass) and Abbas Muhammad (drums). A year later, they released the single "From the Ashes" on Bridge 9 and in 2017, Do or Die, their debut album (produced by Kurt Ballou), was released on Deathwish. ~ Thom Jurek