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Having already gained strong performing and recording experience before they met in 1995, Jean-Luc De Meyer and Marc Heal discovered a tremendous musical synchronicity when they started playing together. De Meyer, lead vocalist for Front 242, which formed in 1982 in Belgium and became the forerunner of the reign of terror electronica; Heal, of the industrial terrorists Cubanate from England; and Ged Denton (of Crisis N.T.I.), took on the name of the Cyber-Tec Project (as an offspring of Cyber-Tec Records, the U.K. label) and continued with the process of creatively turning techno rhythms into harsher mutations.

Their first recording was Let Your Body Die, an EP with De Meyer, Denton, and Jonathan Sharp. Heal was too involved with Cubanate for the recording, but re-joined for their next recording, and Sharp left. Becoming more independent and realizing they were a full-fledged band going somewhere, they shortened their moniker to C-Tec. In December 1997, the band signed with WaxTrax! (label for Cubanate). Dave Bianchi (also from Cubanate), and Julian Beeston (formerly with Nitzer Ebb and its dark goth from the early '90s), joined on. C-Tec's debut full-length album, Darker, was released in January 1998, and C-Tec started on its first tour of Europe and the United States, which included an elaborate light show. In 2001, the band's album Cut was released in Germany, available in the U.S. only on import. The album continues the band's trend of frenzied, harsh, haunting rhythms. ~ Eleanor Ditzel

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