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Melodic post-hardcore band Casey was formed in 2014 in South Wales, originally under the name Well Wisher, by vocalist Tom Weaver and lead guitarist Liam Torrance, who had both been in local bands. Weaver started out as a guitarist but felt he couldn't express himself the way he wanted to and became a lyricist instead. Recruiting rhythm guitarist Toby Evans, bassist Scott Edwards (later replaced by Adam Smith), and drummer Max Nicolai, the band began writing and self-released the single "Haze." Shortly thereafter, they changed their name to Casey and began to build a fan base by playing live. The buzz created by their self-released 2015 single "Fade" led to their signing by Hassle Records, which released their searing 2016 debut album Love Is Not Enough. The album, chronicling the bitter breakdown of a romantic relationship, was critically acclaimed, leading to slots at some of the U.K.'s biggest music festivals including Download and Reading & Leeds. Their 2018 sophomore album, Where I Go When I Am Sleeping, was more layered, expansive, and nuanced, and its lyrics detailed Weaver's struggles with the mental and physical afflictions that have dogged him all his life. ~ John D. Buchanan

South Wales

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