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Truncating the surname of frontman Gareth Cavill (b. 20 June 1970, Crumpsall, Stockport, Cheshire, England; vocals, guitar), Cavil forge pretty and evocative bedroom ballads that draw influence from the great kitchen sink novels by the likes of Stan Barstow, Alan Sillitoe and Keith Waterhouse, and feature paeans to early morning sex, Welsh coastal resorts and Cluedo figures. The projects first releases, actually solo recordings from Cavill, appeared on two acclaimed compilations released by the Vespertine label, An Evening In The Company Of The Vespertine and A Murder In The Company Of The Vespertine. Cavils debut single proper, which included references to morphine-derived narcotics and the shipping forecast, was a highlight of a series of interlocking 7-inch singles that also included Gnac and Piano Magic. An album, Laughing In The Morning, was recorded in the Loire Valley, France with Cedric Baud of atmospheric miserablists Air Wave. In the two-year gap between the recording sessions and the albums release, the band mutated from a fresh and shy solo artist (in the words of the bands French label, Acetone) to a more strident four-piece band featuring Matt Paterson (b. 2 November 1969, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England; guitar), Ged McGurn (b. 5 February 1976, Leeds, Yorkshire, England; bass), and Peter Wankovicz (b. 31 October 1968, Kelvinside, Glasgow, Scotland; drums). Cavill, Paterson and Wankovicz had previously recorded together under the name Cupboard while the latter of the band members is also a notorious DJ. Adopting the moniker of Chilliman, Wankovicz dresses up as a curious juxtaposition of a jalapeño and a member of Kraftwerk, to play bass-heavy electro records.