Formed in 1989 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Corchado, Cenotaph was one of Mexico's first death metal bands. After circulating their first demo to great response in the metal underground, and releasing two EPs (1990's Tenebrous Apparitions and 1991's The Eternal Disgrace) through Brazil's Distorted Harmony Records, the group -- now also featuring guitarists Guillermo Hérnandez and César Sánchez, and drummer Oscar Clorio -- signed with Mexico's own Horus Records for the release of 1992's The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows album. But when Corchado suddenly departed to form rival band the Chasm, Cenotaph were thrown into disarray, leaving lone remaining member Clorio to pick up the pieces and eventually orchestrate a comeback with the help of new members Edgardo Gonzalez (vocals), Julio Viterbo (guitar) and Fernando Garcilazo (bass). This lineup was responsible for both 1994's Riding Our Black Oceans and 1996's Epic Rites -- after which Cenotaph effectively broke up for good, save for a brief return via 2002's Saga Belica L.P. Note: A completely different black metal band called Cenotaph emerged out of Turkey a few years later. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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