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Formed in the mid-'90s by Wendy Grifffiths and Yuzuru Sadashige (keyboards/vocals and guitar/bass, respectively), Changing Modes are a New York-based experimental outfit that came to be as an at-home recording project but soon took to live performances. The band began playing shows in 2000, and over the years would see the stages of such legendary venues as the Knitting Factory and CBGB. In 2004, drummer Jon Mele decided to move back to Ireland, leaving a vacancy in the band. Fortunately, the spot was soon filled by David Oromaner, who had worked with a number of prominent artists, including Marianne Pillsbury. In 2006, Changing Modes took on what would be their most unique member -- a cabaret, stage, and gay and fetish club performer named Camille Atkinson -- as lead vocalist. As a recording group, Changing Modes have released three albums -- the 2003 debut A Perfect Day; 2005's follow-up, Aeroplane; and Down and Out in Shangri-La in 2008. ~ Chris True

New York, NY

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