Cheeseburger is gamely attempting to do for the Stooges what the Darkness did for Queen and what Redd Kross did for '60s bubblegum: updating the music with efficient hooks, snarky punk attitude, and a knack for visual jokes. The Brooklyn-based trio of singer Joe Bradley, guitarist Christy Karacas, and drummer Luke Crotty update the Stooges' proto-punk yowl for the post-White Stripes generation, with Bradley's spot-on Iggy Pop impersonation both the group's most notable feature and its biggest millstone. Cheeseburger debuted with a self-titled EP in 2002, followed by the sharp, focused EP Gang's All Here in 2005. (Although the EP continues its fascination with Stooges-style aggression and New York Dolls raunch, the cover art is a note-perfect, deadpan parody of the sleeve of Harry Nilsson's cracked '70s soft rock masterpiece Nilsson Schmilsson, with Bradley in the iconic open fridge and bathrobe shot.) The second EP was released by the New York garage punk label Kemado Records, which followed it with 2006's Cheeseburger, a full-length album that reprised many of the songs from the first two EPs. ~ Stewart Mason

    Brooklyn, NY

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