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Brooklyn-based quartet Combo Chimbita honed their sound by playing together for years, experimenting with different styles until they landed somewhere between lively guacharaca rhythms and cosmic psychedelia. The group's intricate hybrid sound was brought to life when they began to focus more on vocal contributions from Carolina Oliveros, which guided the mysterious atmospheres of their 2017 debut full-length, Abya Yala.
Combo Chimbita were formed in Brooklyn, slowly coming together out of years of four friends playing together and interspersing more experimental threads with their shared Colombian musical roots. The band was made up of guitarist Niño Lento, bassist Prince of Queens, drummer Dilemastronauta, and vocalist/guacharaca player Carolina Oliveros. Their sound truly took shape during ongoing residencies at Barbès, a corner bar in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. During these nightly jams, the group began morphing more traditional Colombian sounds with psychedelic jamming and spacy synth sounds not common to the traditional forms.
After releasing a split 7" with Greenwood Rhythm Coalition in 2014 and the four-song El Corredor del Jaguar EP in 2016, Combo Chimbita issued their raw and enigmatic debut full-length, Abya Yala. The 2017 album was recorded during an intense three-day session that found the band going into long trance-like jam sessions. The group's sophomore long-player, Ahomale, was released by Anti- Records in 2019. The album looked to Colombian folklore and mythology to inform its otherworldly and often foreboding songs, which included the single "Revelación (Candela)." ~ Fred Thomas