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About Conehead Buddha

Formed in upstate New York in 1993, Conehead Buddha was lead by singer/guitarist Chris Fisher and became a local favorite for their blend of rock, ska, funk, and Latin influences which appealed to fans of jam bands like Widespread Panic and Phish. Their first release was a self-financed cassette, Easter Island Vacation, but it was their incessant touring that won them their following. By 1998, the line-up included guitarist Christian deFrancqueville, rhythm guitarist Chris Kennedy, drummer Pete Bencini, trombonist Brian Kaplan, and brother and sister Terry and Shannon Lynch adding more horns. Among their independently issued releases are 1997's live Man With The Magik Hat and 1999's Rockets and the group also did some dates on the semi-annual HORDE festival tour. ~ Tom Demalon

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