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El Conjunto Agua Azul was formed in the mid-1970's by band leader Mario González, rising to prominence nearly thirty years later with the post-millennial Regional Mexican music boom. Originating from San Luis Potosi, the band took their name from a local natural spring. The group got their start playing local fiestas and festivals, with no serious promise of national acclaim. In 1980 González incorporated a new frontman he hoped would lead the group to prominence, Francisco Laureano. In time the group recognized the talent of Laureano's son, Faustino "Tino" Laureano, and offered him a spot. At the time of Francisco's untimely passing, "Tino" stepped forward as the group's front man in his father's place. The conjunto started recording in the late 90's, and in keeping with Regional Mexican music trends, amassed a large discography quickly. Houston based A.C.E. Records backed the group's third record Las Isabeles in 2000. With the help of A.C.E. Records Jose Compean, the group released a disc/year or more until their breakthrough record Qué Chulos Ojos. Hit single "El Diccionario" hit the airwaves with force landing a spot in the Top 40 on Billboard charts. Thanks to their Texas based record label El Conjunto Agua Azul had long enjoyed a large stateside fan base, which only grew with the popularity of "El Diccionario". Better than thirty years into their careers, El Conjunto Agua Azul gained the footing they needed for large scale touring. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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