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The Brooklyn-based Cooler Kids funneled house music and new wave influences into a funky, volatile cocktail. Comprised of Kaz Gamble (also known as DJ Kazimir) and California native Sisely Treasure, the group formed when Gamble began collaborating with former Luscious Jackson vocalist Jill Cunniff at the Pop Rox studio. The two had been laying down disco-inflected tracks when Treasure befriended Gamble via AOL, and the two latter musicians formed a quick musical bond. With Cunniff overseeing the project as a "groove godmother," the Cooler Kids targeted gay audiences in New York and made their fresh, kitschy debut in 2003 with Punk Debutante. The single "Around the World" enjoyed some success on the Billboard Dance Charts and also appeared on the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack, but the group nevertheless dissolved in 2005. Gamble and Treasure continued working together on additional projects during the following years, and Treasure later secured a spot in Shiny Toy Guns' lineup. ~ MacKenzie Wilson & Andrew Leahey

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